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I have been collecting sugar packets seriously since 2000 and the number got to over 40.000 by Aug 2004. As over time my collection has been growing too wildly I have decided to set up some limits. Currently I am interested mainly in several areas which are listed below.
Last update: 11 Sep 2007

 Main interest areas:

  1. Sweeteners from all over the world.
  2. Sugar packets from the countries of the former Yugoslavia - Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.
  3. Airline packets.
  4. Sugar cube labels (Banderollen) from all over the world.
  5. Traditional Dutch sugar envelopes from Asian restaurants in the Netherlands. Also sugar packets from Asian restaurants in other countries are welcome.

 Great Britain and Ireland

I try to complete British and Irish series. Click here for more info, please, if you are willing to help me.


I am temporary looking for some Portuguese series and packets - see more here.

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