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The Collectors Cafe

Here is a space for all things which didn't find a place on other pages.
Last update: 8 Dec 2004

 Czech Sugar Packet Catalogue

Another of my websites concerning sugar packet collecting is a catalogue of Czech and Czechoslovak sugar packets and wrappers. You can find there all accessible packets from the former Czechoslovakia issued before the end of 1992. Also all Czech series are displayed on this pages. Here is the link.

 My old collector's site

The purpose of this page is to continue my old web site on URL The hosting server totally collapsed and my former collector's pages went out of existence in April 2004. It was an impulse to remake my site completely so here is result.

 The Story.

It all began because I like my coffee without sugar. In 1989, while vacationing on the Greek island of Rhodes, I asked for coffee in a cafe and it was served with packets of sugar on the saucer. There were nice pictures of antique Greek monuments printed on the packets so I put them in my pocket and brought them home as a souvenir from my holiday. Since then, whenever I traveled abroad, I got into the habit of pocketing sugar packets served with my coffee. On my return home I would drop the packets in a glass jar.

Over the years the jar filled up and the cache began to intrigue my daughter Hana. One day she emptied the packets and decided to start a collection. Collecting sugar packets had the appeal of a really unusual hobby and we thought that we were two of the very few people in the worldwith such an eccentric accumulation of pieces of paper. We started with 500 of them, but, unfortunatelly, the collection was growing very slowly.

A breakthrough came when I got the idea of trying to find fellow collectors on the Internet sometimes in the year 2000. I thought that I would find maybe two or three, but, to my great surprise, I discovered that there were thousands of collectors, mainly in Europe. They are well organized in clubs, they publish magazines, there are many web sites. I began to correspond with some of them and our collection grew by leaps and bounds; within several months our original 500 sugar packets increased to 2000.

Although the rapid growth of our collection is exciting, the most important and exciting aspect of this hobby has been meeting many interesting and friendly people worldwide.

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